Winners of Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival
January 17 th - 21st,  2006.

First prize with 10.000 Kr. goes to:
“Eclipse” by Martín Subirá (Argentina)

The jury said: “The film manages to tell a big dramatic story in a simple moving and effective way. The editing, images, choices of physical behaviour and especially the sound track are strong and present, and the acting of the main character is excellent.

Second prize, with two flight tickets to Denmark and a hotel night in Copenhagen, goes to: “Le temps des cerises” by Jean-Julien Chervier (France).

“The film is very sensual, poetic and warm. The choice of the actors’ age, the ending and the whole setup is original, simple, moving and has sense of humour. The two actors do a courageous and beautiful job”.

Third Prize with two flight tickets to Denmark and a hotel night in Copenhagen goes to: “Tricko” af Hossein Martin Fazeli (Slovakia).

“The film has a great sense of humour, knowledge of human behaviour and an ending that surprises in a charming way. It is very well acted and well composed”.

”Special mention”-prize, with one flight ticket to Denmark and a hotel night in Copenhagen, goes to “Il corridoio” by Vittorio Badini Confalonieri (Italy).

“A visually strong film with a very imaginative universe. The film goes elegantly back and forth between reality and fantasy. The inner life is acted out in a very original and truthful way”.

"Special mention"-prize goes to “Aldrig som första gången!” by Jonas Odell (Sweden).

“The film follows up beautifully the art house tradition mixing animation and documentary material. The animations are original, funny and poetic and the voiceovers are intimate and full of life”

Prize delivery
By the jury, Christian Braad Thomsen, Sarah Boberg and Pia Bovin-, and screening of the winner films took place on Sunday the 21st at 20.00 at:
Skindergade 3
1159 København K

Thanks to: Filmkopi,, CaféTeatret, Medie- og erhvervsakademiet and Kobenhavns Kommune Kulturfond.

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