Vis.Din.Film mandag d. 29 september 2008


Patricia Davelouis tilrettelægge dette program hvor vi præsentere fem kortfilm fra den film traditionrige Baskeland. Alle film er på spansk med engelsk undertekster.

Vi ses mandag den 29 september kl 20.00 i CaféTeatret
Skindergade 3 - 1159 København K
Entré: 40 kr. (studerende 20 kr, medlemmer gratis.)

Ada Ortega Camara


ERAMOS POCOS, 2005.- 16 min.
Director: Borja Cobeaga

When his wife leaves him, Joaquín turns to his son to help him bring his mother-in-law out of a home to do the housework.
Cast: Ramón Barea, Mariví Bilbao, Alejandro Tejeria.

Borja Cobeaga, San Sebastian 1977. Graduate in Audiovisual Comunication from the University
of the Basque Country, EHU/UPV. The screenplay for Eramos pocos, written with Sergio Barrejón, won the project competition at the Medina del Campo Film Festival in 2004.

EL DESPROPOSITO, 2004.-19 min.
Director: Zoe Berriatúa

A group of youngsters go out one weekend for a night of chaotic fun. But when the problems start their friendship is pushed to the limit...
Cast: Fernando Ramallo, Eloi Yebra, Israel Rodriguez, Críspulo Cabezas, Biel Durán.

Madrid, 1978. Zoe Berriatúa combines his work as an actor with that of illustrator, often exhibiting his work, and is currently putting the final touches to a book of illustrations and another of short stories, written and drawn by him. He has also made another two short films: “Moebio” and “Mi familia”.

EL GRAN ZAMBINI, 2005.-14 min.
Director: Igor Legarreta, Emilio Perez

The remains of an ancient circus can still be seen on the outskirst of a big city.
Cast: Emilio Gavira, Aníbal Tártalo, Esperanza de la Vega.

Igor Legarreta, Bilbao, 1973. Emilio Perez, Bilbao, 1974. Graduates in
Audiovisual Comunication from the University
of the Basque Country, EHU/UPV. They have been jointly writing and directing their own scripts since 1994. El trabajo, their first film work won awards at the Locarno and Montpellier Festivals.
SINTONIA, 2005.- 9 min.
Director: Jose Mari Goenaga

It is not a question of long conversations. It is not a question of living together for years. Sometimes, in a place where people pass each other by, in a matter of minutes you can find yourself connecting with someone else.

Cast: Josean Bengoetxea, Tania De la Cruz, Unai Garcia.

Jose Mari Goenaga, Ordizia (Basque Country) 1976. In 2001 he co-founded the production company Moriarty Produkzioak. Sintonia has been awarded over 70 prizes in national and international competitions. It has participated in the Ibero-American Short Films Competition run by TVE2's programme "Versión Española" and has been distributed nationally and internationally by KIMUAK 2006.

"7:35 de la mañana", 2005,- 8 min.
Director:  Nacho Vigalondo

A woman realises that something is not right when sitting down at the local cafee shop everyone is quiet and refusing to acknowledge her presence. A strange singing man this one morning.... He turns out to be a suicide bomber, who professes his love through the words of the song to a woman who turns up everyday at 7:35 in the morning.
The film was nominated to an Academy Award in the category Best Short Film and First prize at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand International Festival.

Producer: Eduardo Carneros
Written by Nacho Vigalondo
Cast: Marta Belenguer, Nacho Vigalondo.

Arrangementet støttes af Tuborgs Grønne Fond og Københavns Kulturfond.
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