To our 2008 program, we have invited five film directors, all of them have been collaborating with  FilmPlatform in the last years, to make a program.

In extension to this, Patricia Davelouis (FilmPlatform´s chairwoman) present a program with Spanish films from the Basque Country. And Jack Stevenson and Alexander Aude, both enthusiastic film experts and film workers, will present each an interesting program for our evenings.

February: Edited Location
Art Video by Larissa Sansour.

Larissa Sansour has chosen five video artist working under a residence at Braziers International Artist Workshop, England. The  program includes five video artist´s  works partly produced under their residence period.
A meeting of five cultures and five different views and impressions from a Castle in England.
All films are shown for the first time in Denmark.
With Larissa Sansour (Palestina/Denmark),Juan Pablo Echeverri Muñoz (Colombia), Isadora Illic (Bosnia), Annie Whiles (GB) and Veronica Flores (Mexico).

March: Grece in Short Program curated by director Lea Binzer
Lea Binzer presents with this program six short film directors from Greece.
Her program cover a wide spectrum from the country in the Mediterranean sea.
Lea has chosen animation, fiction, experimental and documentary shorts showing the film tendency at the moment in Greece.
All films are shown for the first time in Denmark.

April: Dreams Made of Rubber Program presented by Jack Stevenson fra Station16
Jack Stevenson and Station16 present  in collaboration with FilmPlatform: An evening of song, dance and depravity from the American underground of the 1990’s.

May: Animation with a + Program presented by director Jesper Fleng

Animation director Jesper Fleng presents "Animation with +", a film evening with animation under new ways of expressions.
Jesper shows here a program in which the directors experiment with new technical posibilities with an aim of finding new ways of animated expression. Here we have in one program, live animation, step motion and graffiti, as well as real and puppets convened animation.
further more, Jesper will show some small short films and ads, all having relevance to the theme of the evening.
June: "Female Subjekctivity." 3 videoes from director Pernille Rübner-Petersen
This year is 100 since women got the rigth to vote in Danmark. From this start point will Pernille show a compillation if her short films.

Pernille Rübner-Petersen and Ziska Szemes will be presenting the films for the program.

August:"New Danish Short films”   
Curated by producer Alexander Aude.

Alexander Aude has worked with film projects for Deluca Film, Zentropa and The Short & Documentary Film School, as well as for adds for Wonderful Copenhagen, and music video for The Raveonettes. He is also producer  for several live action shortfilms.
He presents new films including animation, action ,drama and comedy shorts in his program.
September:“Short Films from Euskadi- Spain”
Presented by director Patricia Davelouis.
During this month FilmPlatform presents five short films from the Basque country, which is rich on traditions. All films are in Spanish with English subtitles.
The films are presented by Patricia Davelouis who is a film director and the chairman of FilmPlatform. She is also the initiator and leader of the festival Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival and The Copenhagen Screenwriting School.

Program online pharmacy
October:"Focusing on the frame".
Curated by documtary director Kenneth Sorento.

Kenneth Sorento is photographer from Film & TV-Productions line at the Danish Film School. He works both as a photographer and director of documentary and short film.
Initiativtager til network MOMENT. Nominated to Årets Fotograf 2006 for Vinterbader. 
-We are screening a visually unique short program  that show how powerful the media of film is, if you let it be.


VIS.DIN.FILM is a democratic film forum, for film creators and film lovers, with the wish of sharing there works and to be open to new film networks.
VIS.DIN.FILM focuses on independent film, fresh inspiration and open discussion in a friendly atmosphere.
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Ada Ortega Camara
project leader.
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Supported by  DFI, Tuborgs Grønne Fond and Københavns Kommune Projektpuljen.