MultimediePoetry - Performance

Literaturhaus, Friday. 19. May

After a short delay ’MultimediaPoetry’ finally took off. The light was switched off and when the first film filled the wall with curved arches, we could all feel something very positive taking place in the former church room.

The actors Ken Vedsegaard and Sara Boberg read the poems aloud and more than once the words and the films fused together and formed a new synthesis. It was fantastic! Even though the subject for both films and poems had been formulated as ‘freedom of speech’ each film or poem were sent individually and only later matched in pairs by FilmPlatform. We thought it was a wonderful job to put it all together, especially when a poem fitted perfectly with the images of a short film or vice versa. But working with the material and studying it closely is very different from experiencing the results being shown to a big audience. Will they experience it and appreciate it the same way?

A lot of the film makers and poets who had contributed to the project were among the audience, and this was probably one of the reasons for the loud applause after the show.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to personally say hello to all the contributors but we would like to say a deep-felt ‘thank you’ to all of you. We really appreciate your brilliant work!

-MultimediePoesi is a compilation of all the selected films and poems in a long film seance, with live poetry reading and music. To the performance-evening Danish actors  Sara Borberg and Ken Vedsegaard performed the poems in English and Danish, while the original language poetry was projected on the screen. Combining the films and poetry together was an astonishing experience, where words and images complimented each other, giving a new dimension to the works.
Sugarbeets played their improvised tones to make the experience more complete.


Vibeke Nielsen (V)

Per Larsen (V)

Morten Søndergaard (P)- Henrik Busk (V)

Niels Frank (P) - Eloisa Vega (V)

Jan Hatt-Olsen (P) - Anna Kristine Mulvad & Mads Bay (V)

Ursula Andkjær Olsen (P) - Adam Olsson (V)

Bent Otto Hansen (P) - Siggi Oddsson (V)

Thomas Ahrensbøll Hansen (P) - Frank Molino (V)

Monica Bak Larsen (P) - Petter Odevall (V)

Jens Asbjørn Seehuusen (P) - Johannes T. Jensen (V)

Ebrahim Buhindi (P) - Mette Perregaard (V)

Naja Marie Aidt (P) - Steen Møller Rasmusen (V)

Lars Skinnebach (P) - Jens Bäckvall (V)

Mohamed Omar (P) - Lars Kristensen (V)

Gabeba Baderoon (P) - Ann Seemholt (V)

Jeremy Hight (P) - Steen Møller Rasmusen (V)

Rasmus Nikolajsen (P) - Jesper Dyrehauge/ Klaus Thejll Jakobsen (V)

Roxana Crisólogo (P) - Ulrik Schmidt (V)

Thomas Boberg (P) - Adi & Mak Omanovic (V)

Thomas Boberg (P) - Morten Espersen (V)

Thomas Boberg (P) - Mathias Døcker Petersen (V)

Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson (P) - Lasse Kragh/ Vladimir Tomie (V)

Munian Alfaker (P) - Ricco Højland Hansen (V)

Pia Tafdrup (P) - Tom Nagel Rasmusen (V)

Nicolaj Stochholm (P) - Gudmundur Snorry Benediktsson (V)

Juana García Abás (P) - Savo Spasojevic/ Mads Jakobi (V)

Göran Sonnevi (P) - Tomas Seest (V)

Klavs Bondebjerg (P) - Vibeke Nielsen (V)