FilmPlatform præsents: "MADE IN DK, New Danish Short Films".

MADE IN DK, New Danish Short Films about Children and Young People.
BEAST, 15 min. 2009, by Lars P. Arendt.
SUN SHINE, 29 min. 2009, by Alice de Champfleury.
ROMEO & JULIUS, 25 min. 2009, by Sabine Hviid.

We have invited Film Directors Alice de Champfleury, Sabine Hviid and Lars P. Arendt's Producer, Troels Faber to present and talk about their films to the audience.

All films are in Danish with English Subtitles.

Sunday the 16th of May at 15.00
Caféteatret: Skindergade 3, 1159 KBH-K

Admission: 50 Kr. 
Free admission for FilmPlatform's members.

BEAST, 15 min. 2009
Lars P. Arendt
SUN SHINE, 29 min. 2009
Alice de Champfleury

They lie about it. Dad hitting Mom. But ten-year old Benjamin has had it with lies. Taking Dad's pricey puppy as hostage Benjamin forces Dad to apologize to Mom. Unfortunately for all of them, Dad is not the apologizing kind.

-BEAST was selected for leopards Future competition at the 62nd Locarno Intl. Film Festival and also for the Nordic Panorama 2009 competition which takes place in Iceland in September.
Summer. Nadja, 13 years old, is killing time, eating ice cream and lying on the beach where she becomes fascinated by a model family that she begins to follow and spy on. She meets Eskild a boy her own age, drifting around on his bike alone, who becomes attracted to her. Nadja makes Eskild an accomplice to her voyeurism, which gradually escalates, when she tells him that the man in the family is her father.

-SUN SHINE was nominated this year for Child and Youth competition at Berlinale in Berlin.
Berlinale brings along with Cannes in France and Sundance in the U.S. agenda in the film world.

ROMEO & JULIUS, 25 min. 2009
Sabine Hviid

'Romeo & Julius' (directed by Sabine Hviid) stages Shakespeare's tragic romance with two young boys in the main parts Like Romeo & Juliet Love is the key to life. Dare we not, we dare not life. But why not dare to love? The film is about the feeling that confuses, buckles legs, giving breath, but also makes us terribly alive. It is about to reach that mark a corner of eternal flow - before comfort life or own inhibitions take over.
Reality interferes with the setup of Shakespeare's play, What is meant by a level of abstraction in the film - theatrical piece about the impossible love, suddenly becomes very real because it is a valve for some emotion that is beginning to grow between the two. And the scenes thus become even more vulnerable and difficult to play.

  With the support from The Danish Film Institute.
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