October 29 2007 FilmPlatform proudly presents 4 new short films for the second to last VIS.DIN.FILM event this year. Tonight’s focus will be short fiction films.

The artists behind the films will be present at the event and will introduce the films and answer questions from the audience, as always at VIS.DIN.FILM


"Før" 14 min. 2006
Director:Trine Dam Ottosen.

This film examines a relationship that is in between love and friendship, and asks the question: can you get too close to someone?

"Bønderne" 19 min. 2006
Director: Christiane Hector.

An idealistic lieutenant, Niels, has promised his recruits to win a one million award in a reality show about honesty called ’The Farmers’.

"Un Lumiere Andalou" 7,42 min. 2005
Director: Palli Kristinsson

A remake of Luis Bunuel’s and Salvador Dali’s surrealistic classic from 1928 "Un chien andalou"  (an Andalusien dog).

"Togføreren" 6,5 min. 2005
Director: Stine Sofie Ankerbo.

Every day thousands of innocent people are risking their lives in the driverless underground metro, while the authorities do nothing to prevent it…

På førhånd tak.

Ada Ortega Camara
Project leder

Grafisk design:
Antonieta Medeiros
Patricia Davelouis
mob. 50405565

Marie Tangaa Jensen

Arrangementet støttes af DFI og Københavns Kulturfond.

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