SHORT FILM IN FOKUS
On November 26 FilmPlatform presents the last Vis.Din.Film event in 2007. We have received about 100 films but haven’t had time to screen all of them. We have prioritized showing a broad spectrum within each genre, as we have focused connections between the films.

An extra screening of fiction films will conclude this years’ screenings. We will have a visitor who is responsible for the programming at Skandinavia, the filmmakers’ TV-channel. The directors of the films screened tonight will also be present to introduce their films and answer questions from the audience.


Anna Waldelius
Sweden  (2000) 2 min.

A tennis match ignites attraction and the film develops into a visual cavalcade of sensual symbols.

Os To...
Nynne Becker-Olsen
Danmark, (2005) 13 min.

Young love is a difficult thing, but not boring at all. Nynne Becker-Olsen exhibits the love, doubt and conflicts of a love relationship and she does this in a sensual and visual filmic language.

I Hendes Hænder
Director: Camille Alsted
Danmark, (2006), 19 min.

Nina is 13 years old and lives with her father, but an episode stirs a conflict about innocence, sensuality and the difficult internal conflicts of teenagers. It is a sober film about adolescence..

The Presence of another door.
Morten Dysgaard
Danmark (2005)  6,16 min.

Language and cultural differences are the topics of this film about a man who does not understand the knocking at his door from the other side. Communication must be mutual and the picture we get might change completely. This is a symbolic and thought-provoking film.

Ada Ortega Camara
Project Leder

Grafisk design:
Antonieta Medeiros
Patricia Davelouis
mob. 50405565
Marie Tangaa Jensen

Arrangementet støttes af DFI og Københavns Kulturfond.

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