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Ayahuasca - Journey to the unknown

With the three Danish poets: Thomas Boberg, Jeppe Brixvold and Lars Skinnebach.

Tuesday April 4th, at LiteraturHaus

In this documentary film by Patricia Davelouis and Jannik Splidsboel three Danish poets, Thomas Boberg, Jeppe Brixvold and Lars Skinnebach, travel to the jungle of Peru to ingest the plant extract Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is used by American Indian shamans to heal and as an access to an inner visionary world. It is this world that the three Danish poets wish to gain access to.
After the film the three authors told the audience about the impact of the experience, and the audience had the chance to ask questions.

The event was supported by BG-Bank and Københavns Kulturfond.