about FilmPlatform

FilmPlatform is a new space for Danish and international independent films which do not achieve traditional distribution.
FilmPlatform is a place where filmmakers,  other artists and the audience meet. FilmPlatform started in 2006, by Patricia Davelouis and Torben Olander, as a space where emerging film artist could have a possibility to show their works and have an open dialogue with the audience.

From April to December 2006, FilmPlatform had a regular event taking place every month first in LiteraturHaus, and in the later years in collaboration with Caféteatret in Copenhagen. Each event starts with selected short films that are related to a theme. After the screening, invited writers and film directors could discuss how their work relates to the theme, inviting the audience to participate.

A montage of Nordic poetry and Video Art showed at Copenhagen International Poetry Festival in May 2006, and at ‘Skandinavisk Forening i Rom’ (The Scandinavian Association in Rome) September 2006.

KUN.KORTFILM  International Short Film Festival: January 17th-21st 2007. 
Short films from around the world where shown at 5 different cafés and venues in the heart of Copenhagen; focusing on the human contact, as well as having the aim of showing  the best quality international films to the audiences.

A monthly screening of national and international short films of new talented film directors, invating the artist to talks with the participation of the audience, mostly aranged in Caféteatret at the heart of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen-San Francisco, Scandinavian Short Film Festival. arranged by Torben Olander, took place on October 2007 at ATA, Artist Television Access.

Behind FilmPlatform are:

Patricia Davelouis Film director. She has directed a number of short films and documentaries, like ‘Tågekysten’ - Odense Film Festival 2004-, ‘Camposanto’- Berlin, Zebra poetry film festival 2004-, "Rejsen til det ukendte" - Danish television, DR2- a documentary on danish poets and shamanisme in the jungle of Peru; “Paraiso, rejsedagbog" 2006, an experimental documentary about cultural and social contrasts between young people from Peru and Denmark. Co-creator of Multimediepoesi, a montage of Nordic poetry and video art shown in Copenhagen and in Rome 2006. Patricia Davelouis is FilmPlatform’s Director and leader of Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival.  patricia@filmplatform.dk
Ada Ortega Camara  Visual artist. Film coordinator and project developer of 60seconds, Short Film Festival at Copenhagen Metro since 2006.  Cultural editor for  the internet magazine  cultur.com which focuses on digital art, and has worked as coordinator of the seminar´Digitale Teknologier i Billedkunsten´ (Digital Technologies in Visual Art,) with Miltos Manetas among others, arranged by the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in 2003.  She has experience arranging art exibitions from her past work at Overgaden and Fotografisk Center. She is also working on a PHD about Lars Von Trier films for the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain. Co-producer of Multimediepoesi, a montage of film and poetry, shown in Copenhagen and in Rome 2006.  Filmplatforms second chairman, she is also in charge of the web design together with Antonieta Medieros. ada@filmplatform.dk
Antonieta Medeiros works freelance with visual communication and illustrations. She has been the coordinator for a course in graphic design and illustration for the education ministry of Bolivia and the leading Spanish publishers Santillana and SM.  She has published a number of children’s books and taught visual communication and visual theory at the University of Bolivia.  She is a set designer and cartoonist at Zentropa’s new project, ‘Edderhop’.  She makes the graphic design for Multimediepoesi and FilmPlatform. anto@filmplatform.dk