FilmPlatform præsenterer:
 "Czech Shorts - short films from the Czech Republic."
 Curator Patricia Drati Rønde.

The program will be introduced by the Czech Ambassador Mr. Zdeněk Lyčka,
After the screenings and in conection with the discussion there will be served some refreshments
(Czech beer for the event).

Alle film er med engelske undertekster.

Søndag den 21 November
kl. 15.00 i CaféTeatret.
Skindergade 3 - 1159 København K
entré: 50 kr. (medlemer gratis.)

OBS!! -Begrænset antal pladser, så husk at komme i godt tid.
Dørene åbnes en halv time før arrangementet. (først til mølle princippet)


NOCTURNO (CZ 2009, 7 min. )
dir. Marek Berger.

I AM BIGGER AND BETTER  (CZ 2007, 17 min. )
dir. Martin Duda.



The story is inspired by the subculture of “writers” who create street graffiti at night on illegal spaces, which places them on the wrong side of the law. In the film, of course, reality is moved to a fantastic, surrealistic level. The protagonist creates three-dimensional pictures that suddenly come to life and become real. That makes him a pain in the neck for the local police. But the animated creations give the young man almou unlimited power making him elusive for the men in blue. Ultimately, however, they do catch up with him...
The film is a metaphor for the conflict of unfettered artistic freedom, anarchy and dreams with the cold and impersonal world of order, rules and regulations

Can a robot replace a person in a play? The story of this short sci-fi film with an engrossing atmosphere and sophisticated 3-D effects takes place in Prague in the not too distant future. A director decides to cast a robot in the leading role of his play. After the rejected actor intervenes, the robot turns up on the streets of a metropolis, where he performs the role of his lifetime.
BABA (CZ 2008 | 21 min)
dir. Zuzana Spidlova



Synopsis-Mom didn’t ask me anything.
She just took granny in.
Now she is laying in the middle of my room and I have to take care of her. All the time.

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